Stay a while, I’m gazing the way you move, from far never look back since then I wont have to wander the woods again stay a while, I’m watching the story goes so far only a little while It seems fits right in to my head but then lights go down curtain falls that’s how this story ends as the day passes by I knew that this gaze was long overdue stay a while, still gazing the way you move, from far I’m taking it harder now I know, shows coming to an end it seems stay a while, I’m taking my final gaze you see gonna look back this time I will wander the woods again my dear night will fall you see the city glows again you see the morning comes to soon that’s how the circle goes around here and there always a story from somewhere always another line to say no I won’t stay along this line of broken pieces lying somewhere.

I really really like this song :)

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