So hey. It's 11.24 pm and I'm boring. Super extremely boring.

Twitter always over capacity and tumblr always loading. And I hate it. Waiting for something uncertain. Okay maybe I will open kaskus.us to read the newest information or I will open onemanga.com to read some japan comic. I don't know what I want to post. I don't have picture to show, and I don't have story to tell. Well, I have some story. But the story is unimportant. About this holiday. Nothing to do. Wake up-eat-play computer-play with my cousins-eat-play computer-take a shower. Repeat,repeat. Everyday is like that. To make my day is not boring I want to do some activities. First, on this sunday I really really really want riding bicycle to monas with my cousins. I have 1 bicycle. BUT, my bicycle is  damaged by my cousin. :'''''''''''''( So I don't know I will participate or not. But I really WANT. I used to riding bicycle every sunday with my cousin. And it's been a long time. A-LONG-TIME. And you know since when??? since I'm in 5th grade elementary school. 4 years I'm not riding bicycle. What kind of word you want describe to me? pity, pathetic,  languish? yup thats right. But at least I will not miss this activity. I WILL GO TO SOUTH CELEBES. I will be there on july 23rd. When almost everyone meet their teacher in school and see many homework. I know it's still a long way. But, I can't hardly wait. "Yummy vacation" 

The last. I have not buy textbooks and notes books for my 9th grade. Is it important? I don't know. But the most important is don't forget my birthday. On 9th July. 7 days again. :D *bigsmile

So this is the end of the post. Always happy ending. And it's 12.00 am. I'm still boring. 

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