Good news :)

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I went back in front of this computer. See what happens whit this dull blog :( I really want to re-time the days I diligently fill this blog. Haha every post always means something. Seem in out there is rain. I really like when rain come. 

Well, today I went to my grand mother house. And the good news is......my cousin will marry. Congratulations!!!! not sure when, but maybe this year :) Tomorrow I return to school as usual. Monday uhh I hate monday. But I'm sure everyday it's a good day. Everyday we can learn something from what we do.  

I want to tell you something that I have no idea. When I want to draw, my brain is full of something unimportant so I can not think what I will draw. Seriously!!! Uhh.... But I made new creation. Tadaaa 

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PS: This is my first post I use english language . Sorry if there are any false grammar ;P

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